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It's amazing that I would choose a watercolor for the homepage of my portfolio. Many years ago my artistic talents were created by sitting at the kitchen table with my sister and grandma creating our own scenery with water colors. I loved any art assignment that I was ever given, although in high school I tended to get away from that work. I then picked it up when I found that to work in the field of computer graphics you need to learn how to bring that work onto a desktop and work from there. It was very difficult for me at first do to all the tools I had to learn, but today looking back at all the skillsets I have acquired through the years I love what I do and it has fulfilled my life to its fullest. For the past 15 years I have worked as a Quality Assurance Analyst for our Web Content Management system. I am able to work with many formats of multimedia on the Web. Going forward after receiving my second degree I hope to work in other areas for interactive media besides just for the Web. My hobby will always be photography, because I am forever catching those shots in my head that I am going to paint someday. However, my photography turned out to be better than my paintings even though I have had plenty of practice so many years ago, so I will just leave it at that. Please visit my biography page and download my resume at the following URLs below in the footer.