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RESUME - Janet L. Rossmiller-Dolan

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marycrest International University in Computer Graphics and Art. I recently graduated this past June with an Associates Degree in Interactive Media and Design through the Art Institute Online. Continueing my education, helps improve my technical, art, multimedia and communications skills that I currently use in my position today. I work for a large corporation as a Web Quality Assurance Analyst which includes; content management, streaming media, domain name management and quality assurance for the corporate Internet site. I also provide functional support for the North American and global business partners on our public Web site. I plan to work the rest of my life for this company, because I enjoy my job and the people I work with!

  • Development and management of content for organization's public Web presence.
  • Work with global business partners to share important information contained in the public Web site standards which include legal, compliance, patent and brand management skills.
  • Coordinate and manage the production and storage of video content for the Enterprise.
  • Experience with HTML and content management systems which include managing content and production to increase Web site traffic.
  • Over 10 years Adobe Photoshop skills and other design applications


Ultimate education experience:
As a student attending Marycrest International University in 1997, I traveled to Maastricht, the Netherlands for a semester. Of all the classes I participated in "Art" was my favorite. Not only did we study the great masters, but we were able to hop on a train and go to a gallery 2 hours away and experience the work itself! I hope to retire in this beautiful city they call the "Balcony of Europe". Hopefully the classes I take through the Art Institute Online will rekindle the art experiences I developed while I studied abroad. As a student, I worked as a photojournalist for the university newspaper "The Crest" and sent a large amount of images, along with stories, back to my editor about our travels. On my return to the university I displayed my photos in a photography show called "Captured Images". I found it very difficult picking out 30 of the thousands of digital and print images in my collection. The Study Abroad Program gives one an appreciation of other cultures and their differences. I would recommend a study abroad program to all students.

"The Pits" education experience:
The private university I attended that was founded by the Sisters of Humility, Marycrest International University, closed it's doors in the summer of 2002. The students had to transfer to other schools and leave their beloved campus behind. The historical buildings are currently being converted to assisted living for the elderly and the campus is now called, Marycrest Senior Living. The Alumni Association and community members are still active and going strong!

Photography is not only a hobby, it's my passion in life!

Other photographs this summer were included in an area publication through our local newspaper. The hardcover book is called "Oregionality", which is an illustrated celebration of the people, communities, landmarks, businesses, and natural beauty of our region.

About me:
I live in historic Le Claire, Iowa and boyhood home of William Cody (Buffalo Bill) and home to the History Channel's "American Pickers". My family history goes back to the pioneers that first settled in the town in 1836. One of my many hobbies is tracking my family genealogy and helping others with theirs. Becoming a widow at this time in my life I was able to move on and remarried my childhood friend and soulmate, Mike.

Volunteer work:
Founder and President of the Le Claire Genealogy and Historical Society:
Past President of the Marycrest Alumni Association:
Past volunteer at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Le Claire, Iowa:
Humility of Mary Associate::